Week 10 (March 2nd –  6th)

Hi everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 10:


  • Three new special ore distribution zones configured: there are now five special zones where ores are distributed with different weights compared to the rest of the universe.
  • Marketplace terminals fixed.
  • Economy configurations fixed for torpedoes.
  • Design for a Spaceship Designer Coloring Tool worked on.
  • Spaceship Designer multiplayer issue: removing cable with Cable Tool breaks if client and host is removing cable simultaneously fixed and verified.


  • Kingdom Headquarter station and Kingdom Outpost Ruins added to the universe.
  • Ship and shop terminal issues fixed for Kingdom stations.
  • Vertical hallways’ offsetting priority snap points have been fixed.
  • Three hall modules’ base structures have been modified to disable any possible collisions with each other (Large hall 2; Ship weapon shop 2 A; Armor shop 1 A).
  • Temporary “very-farlods” have been removed from grid slot scenes, and will be replaced if and when needed.


  • Issue where Ithaca V4 used up its coolant too quickly was fixed by adding more coolant cells.



  • Instancing area visualization disappearing when changing groups has been fixed.
  • Ore nuggets are now immune to the mining laser.
  • Blueprint code refactoring is underway.
  • Entering the game with broken profile (invalid or missing character data) is now prevented.
  • Explosion shock waves were fixed to not affect players inside safe zones.
  • Player stuck recovery system has been enabled to be active at all times.
  • Nearby ship acceleration/deceleration sounds have been added.
  • Cargo Frame wall/field was refactored into being supported by the current physics processing.
  • SawTool can now target and cut properly.

User Interface

  • A bug where material disappeared when dragged to existing stack in inventory has been fixed.
  • Netsyncing added for beam effect so that other people can see the effect.
  • Company Rank names not changing correctly when player changes them has been fixed.


  • Item pick-up and drop audio support has been implemented-
  • Multi-position ambient system fixes have been finished-

Spaceship Designer

  • Mining job now correctly gives money from asteroids with cables/bolted things on them, syncing fixed.
  • Cell translation not working when jumping more than 1 cell has been fixed.
  • Range Finders being active in Spaceship Designer has been fixed.


  • Incorrect moon terrain object visibility fading fixed.



  • Decal tweaks, collision and parent checks, VIS HQ grid slot finalization.
  • Farlods, module halls, and mega station gridslot updated.
  • Work hub: Signs and adverts made for different work hub jobs.
  • Asteroid hall decorations and polishes underway.
  • Sub modules and their LODs coloured.
  • Skyscraper base modules in the making.
  • Commercial boards in the making.
  • New windows have been added.
  • Farlods added for all shop modules.

Moons and Asteroids

  • Alpha moons have been updated.
  • Asteroid cluster tests have been made.
  • Spherical height maps tests underway.


  • New sign animations made, robot logo and animation adjustments in the making.
  • Sit animations for Rocket Launcher and Reaper Cannon have been made.
  • 1st person animations for Saw Tool are in the making.
  • Jumping and shooting animations have been polished.
  • The new LOD distances added for large asteroid rocks and formations.


  • Turret Utility Body: Asset redesign that fixes collision has been finished.
  • Turret Arm Saw Tool: Concept, assets and textures have been finished.
  • Turret Arm Saw Tool: Larger versions of the blade and tool have been made to test how large assets the robot arms can support.
  • Tools: Saw textures polished, paintjobs added.
  • Devices: Resource bridge hose nozzle textures updated.
  • A spark effect for the mining saw has been finalized.
  • LODs made for multiple assets, railgun barrel LODs have been optimized.

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐