Week 12 (March 16th –  20th)

Hello everyone! It’s time for another week of Starbase progress notes!


  • Instancing area configured and added to ship showroom.
  • Mining Job instancing issues with parent hierarchy fixed.
  • Buzzsaw damage configured and tested, tool is now more balanced.
  • Pickaxe testing and adjusting, it’s no longer a good weapon against materials with high armor value.
  • Mining Hall rotation fixed in Work Hub grid slot.
  • Ore zone weight configurations that were producing unwanted outcomes in ore distribution were fixed.
  • New items added to the economy, old economy configurations fixed and adjusted and locales worked on for economy.
  • New updated design worked on for Universal tool: incorporating device network operator systems and evaluating potential commonalities with transponder visuals.
  • Hinge bolt profiles updated.


  • All Spaceship Design Workshops have been updated, Workspaces rotated, relocated and their amounts raised from 6 to 8, LOD update still pending.
  • “Large Hall 6” added to Station Designer. Thumbnail, windows and exterior decoration still pending.
  • The “destroyed” grid slots have been added to the Kingdom Outpost B -station.


  • Gunship Lancer: older hinge replaced with newer model.
  • Spaceship Kodiak: older hinge replaced with newer model.

Spaceship Designer

  • Asset names and locales updated.



  • Massive lot blueprint memory usage has been fixed.
  • Reloadable tools and ammo conversion have been tweaked.
  • Beam effect support and network sync have been added for the Welding Tool.
  • Welding Tool now highlights objects that can be welded and its timer visualizations are finished.

User Interface

  • A bug that caused dragged items to stretch has been fixed.
  • Icons and ammunition amounts being in the wrong place for right hand and leg have been fixed.
  • Slot rendering to handle special cases in backpack has been refactored.
  • A bug that allowed modular limbs to overlap with other items in the backpack has been fixed.
  • Material UI slot rendering code has been refactored.
  • Mining backpack slots’ hovering problems have been fixed.
  • Snapping to closest possible bolt profile location, when within BoltToolComponent defined area has been implemented.
  • Bolt profile visualizations have been adjusted so that snapping target is visible.
  • Feedback Tool’s sidebar menu has been finished and localizations are underway.


  • Sound issues when releasing buttons inside inventory have been fixed.
  • A damage audio event for ‘armor damage’ has been added.
  • Audio support has been added to sorter buttons, 3D menu tabs and lists.
  • The most of the list item interaction sounds have been finished.
  • Insurance menu tab buttons for proper audio support refactoring underway.

Spaceship Designer

  • Saving a blueprint when editing custom ship no longer disables changes to the in-game ship.
  • Selecting modules no longer selects components behind them in Spaceship Designer.
  • Rotational stability of object chains in Spaceship Designer has been improved.


  • Weapon down scoping heavily dropping FPS on planet surfaces has been fixed.


  • Double buffering has been added for skyboxes.
  • Applying environmental damage on the planet is in the making.



  • Final fixes to VIS decal bleed have been made.
  • VIS HQ empire grid slots’ additional art has been added.
  • Assembly Hall LODs have been finished, some LOD updates made to modules.
  • Asteroid Hall farLODs have been finished and tintmask coloured.
  • New windows have been added to mega stations.
  • FarLODs have been added for all shop modules.
  • An UV mirroring issue with Market Station has been fixed.
  • Commercial signs for Sunny Ship Center are underway: perspective fixes, final touches and optimizations made.


  • More animations have been added to Market Station, an animation for sell shop is in the making.
  • ‘Offers ad’ rotation direction has been fixed.
  • Pickaxe relaxed run/walk animations have been polished.
  • Pilot aim and pistol aim animations have been polished.
  • Sit aim animation updates are in the making.


  • Bastion armor set’s elbow position has been fixed.
  • Bulwark armor set’s textures and paintjobs polished.
  • Object (rock) placements for asteroids updated and new asteroid clusters have been finished.
  • Modular battery redesign in the making that includes a status bar indicator.
  • New job instance effects have been added.
  • Weapon flat logos are in the making.
  • New logos for laser and auto-cannon turrets have been made.
  • Buzzsaw hit effect has been updated.

Gallery of the week


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